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…………… An Experience with MEGAWRITE

Having a good website is no doubt what everybody looks for. But what after that. Website is the Reflection, the reception of your workplace and the organization, but having a reception with no productivity is of no use. Web Designing at MEGAWRITE.COM is done with a concept and part of a strategy. We specialize in the creation of the web page for you. We can create the graphics for you or you can give us your own. We can   use your existing hosting provider or we can set you up with the best hosting provider on the net. And finally, we will also promote   the site after it has been finished. All of this for a small price compared to what you would pay to advertise through mail or on TV and not to mention the fact that this is up for the world to see!

Web Design can mean a whole world of things

  • There are so many issues involved in the process of designing a web page, whether it is for a business or just for you. You might ask yourself, "Where do I start?" but that's where we come into play. We start it for you. Just let us know what you want on the web site and we'll design it for you. We'll also take any input that you have and apply it to your site. This is your site so we want you to be happy with it.

Our Phased approach may work as follows:

Phase 1 - Needs Analysis

The key to a successful web solution is a good strategy.
Working closely with our clients enables our team to research available options for our initial approach. First, we research the client's brand and its current market position. Then we determine where our client's desired market position is and identify the timeline for said goal. Next, we conduct extensive competitive market analysis, which helps us develop effective marketing plans and a framework to start with. Finally, we consult our production art and technical teams to recommend content and a technical solution, which will express our clients, web solution effectively. When a client accepts and refines our initial site concept, we build on these pre-production efforts to create a content outline, timeline, and budget. The ultimate goal of all this planning is to develop a solid vision and scope of the project, which will serve as a blueprint for production.

Phase 2 - Concept and Design

When a project's scope is within our cross hairs, A Digital Dream proceeds at warp speed with concept development. During this critical period, our creative staff explores the desired user experience. We take painstaking efforts to clarify and define, up front, mandates on matters such as performance objectives, browser specifications, and legal points. At this juncture, we construct a set of design guidelines, which the A Digital Dream team uses during initial production. Then the brainstorming begins again. Focusing on our desired user experience and design guidelines, we build interfaces and information design. We draw up preliminary flow charts. We draft overviews of the technology and functionality that will be the foundation of the site. We drink an unreal amount of BAWLS and finally unveil concepts for our client - and then we listen.

Phase 3 - Alpha Stage

We consider this our Alpha stage. During this process we strive to finalize all creative content. This is also the period in which we create storyboards, a style guide, and a full functional flowchart. We also draft a detailed technical design document and start building the site from the bottom up. Client’s hand off final assets at the beginning of this period, and A Digital Dream uses them to create components and programmed pages. Typically during this Alpha phase, we'll investigate the integrity of the interface and information design by conducting focus groups and usability testing. At the end of the Alpha stage, we give a demonstration of the site, and then carefully listen to all client feedback.

Phase 4 - Beta Stage

The Home Stretch. During Beta development, we iron out the kinks in the fully functional project and implement changes that the client suggested at the end of the Alpha stage. A Digital Dream will improve its Alpha stage production efforts, and issue regular status and production reports, which are viewable on the web. Together with our internal Quality Assurance team, we proofread, test functionality, and repair any flaws in the integration of our art and technology. If our client wishes to conduct his or her own Beta-testing, a Beta version of the site is published on a password-protected preview server. Building up to the end goal, the last approvals from the client are gathered, and a final quality testing is executed - and the site goes live!

If A Digital Dream has been contracted to host and maintain the site post-launch, these plans are put into action immediately.

Phase 5 - Post Production

When the site goes live and production ends, new activities begin.

If our client has contracted us to promote the site, our marketing department steps in and launches the site into the search engines. If A Digital Dream has been retained to maintain the site, we prepare weekly or monthly reports on the site's activity and place the site on one of our state-of-the-art servers.

Now that the site is live, we sit back and watch its performance. We ask ourselves the following questions. Is it performing well? Is it meeting the pre-subscribed objectives? How are the users using it? What part of the site are they most interested in? Oftentimes this is helpful to clients as they target new goals and ask us to develop ideas for expanding or updating the project. Then it's back to the drawing board.